Our story starts

Our story starts inside of a car dealership, where similar to many others, the recon process is a crucial part of selling used vehicles. No one wants to lose a sale because of a small ding on a door or a forgotten inoperable sunroof.

Getting a truckload of new inventory in, inspecting each one individually, and jotting notes down on a notepad, we knew there had to be a better way to do this. That’s why we created Cartuul, to help every used car dealer sell more cars by creating a seamless workflow process from start to finish.

Our mission is to unite the different departments of your used car dealership by providing each individual inside of your walls with valuable information that is needed to make decisions instantly.


By car people, for car people

By car people, for car people

While we may not be the first one’s to create an used car reconditioning software, we most certainly feel like we’ve created something that should be a household item under many dealership roofs. No other software will adapt to your process as well as Cartuul and none other will be as easy to use for you and your team.

The core values of our company will be the spearhead for yours because we understand what is required from your company by your customers.

Growth, Innovation, Integrity

Growth - it’s what drives us to provide you with the best possible tool to not only help us grow, but more importantly help YOU grow as well.

Innovation - we’ve created an all around tool to fully manage your inventory, but our mission doesn’t stop there. We’ll keep improving, to keep you improving.

Integrity - it’s what is required of you by your customers and it’s exactly what we provide for you.

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