What is Cartuul?

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What is Cartuul?

Cartuul is a used vehicle reconditioning software that simply helps you fully manage your inventory. From doing condition reports, assigning tasks to employees, and working and communicating with vendors to giving your customers the confidence they need to purchase a vehicle from your dealership, Cartuul is there to help you sell more cars in less time by allowing you to take your cars from needing work to ready for sale quicker, faster, and more efficiently.

The technology

Things work differently

Things work differently under every roof, that's why Cartuul is 100% customizable to your process.

Compatible with every

Compatible with every DMS imaginable. We’ll handle the integration process seamlessly.

Know everything about

Know everything about your inventory, at all times, from anywhere in the world.

Your team works better

Your team works better when there's accountability. With Cartuul, teamwork is made easy.

  1. 1
    Vehicles imported automatically

    Vehicles imported automatically & daily to Cartuul from your DMS feed.

  2. 2
    They get checked in

    They get checked in as they arrive and a Condition report is completed.

  3. 3
    Automatically created

    Task are automatically created for your team based on the needs of the vehicle from the CR.

  4. 4
    Vehicle goes

    Vehicle goes through the phases of your recon process, with automatic notifications to team members.

  5. 5
    Your vehicles are exported in a daily feed

    Your vehicles are exported in a daily feed to your third party sites, with the option to send your after recon CR as well.

Condition Reports

Condition Reports
Most used cars aren’t perfect, especially when they first arrive at your dealership doors. Keep track of what each vehicle needs, when they need it, from anywhere in the world.

Easy and user friendly. Complete a condition report of every vehicle that is added to your inventory, giving you the ability to create tasks and workflow for each and every vehicle individually.

Push your final condition report to your website. This gives your buyers the confidence they need in purchasing a vehicle from your dealership!


Your employees and vehicles all have tasks that need to be completed daily. With Cartuul, workflow is made simple and seamless.

Vehicle tasks are created directly from the condition report. Tasks can be completed as the vehicle goes through the recon process as well as being added to the vehicle if other issues arise during recon.


Keep your vendors in the know.

Your vendors won’t have to question exactly what each vehicle needs anymore. Whether they are mobile vendors or outsourced body or mechanical shops, Cartuul will give them the power to see what is required of them on each and every vehicle.

VIN scanner

VIN scanner
Work smart, not hard.

With the integration of a VIN scanner, navigating Cartuul becomes even easier. Simply point the scanner at any VIN number, even if it's just printed on a piece of paper, no barcode or QR code required. It allows your team to easily GPS mark the location of vehicles, add and complete tasks, view the condition report, and much more.

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